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[KF2] How to create a dedicated server in Killing Floor 2

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[KF2] How to create a dedicated server in Killing Floor 2

Postby Walker The Ranger » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:01 pm

Whereas you are interested in playing with other friends from Hero servers or not, I thought some of you may find useful this guide to create your own dedicated server in Killing Floor 2: I followed this wiki step by step and I managed to create and join my own dedicated server without any major problems. This video can also be very useful: (thanks a lot to Feather, its uploader and creator).

I will try to summarize the most important steps below:

1) Make sure these ports are open in your router: 7777 (UDP), 27015 (UDP), 8080 (TCP), and 20560 (UDP).

2) Download and install the SteamCMD tool from

2.1) Once the zip file is downloaded, decompress the file. You will obtain a single file called steamcmd.exe (the installation file for this program).

2.2) Now copy this steamcmd.exe file in the folder where you want to install the SteamCMD program (do not install it in the regular Steam Client folder).

2.3) Now you only have to open the file SteamCMD.exe and the SteamCMD program will be installed in the same folder.

3) After the installation, open the steamcmd.exe file to run the program. A black command window will open.

4) Type “login anonymous” in the SteamCMD command window.

5) Now we are going to install the Killing Floor 2 server, which will download and install another instance of the game in our computer. First you have to tell the program in which path of your computer you want to install the server, typing the command “force_install_dir”, followed by the path where you want to install the server in your computer.

For example, “force_install_dir c:\KF2Server\” will install the files of the server inside a folder called “KF2Server” in your hard drive C:

6) Once the installation path is set, to download and install the files of the server you have to type the command “app_update 232130 validate” in the SteamCMD command window. The installation can take a while (I think it basically downloads the whole game again in the new path).

7) Once the installation is finished, you will obtain a message like this: “Success! App ‘232130’ fully installed”. Now type “quit” to properly log off of the Steam servers and close the SteamCMD program.

8) Now go to the folder where you installed the server (in our example, c:\KF2Server). There you will find a file called KF2server.bat. Open the file with Windows Notepad (or Notepad ++ if you have it).

With Notepad:

With Notepad++:

The open file should look like this:

9)Using Notepad or Notepad++ we will edit the content of the KF2server.bat file to establish the default options of our server (the initial map and difficulty). To do this, we will add a blank space behind the existing line in the file and add for example “kf-bioticslab?Difficulty=1”:


Instead of “kf_bioticslab” you can put any other map of the game to open when the server starts. Here are some of them:

You can also change the number that follows the parameter “?Difficulty=”, to set the initial level of difficulty of the server:
0 (Normal)
1 (Hard)
2 (Suicidal)
3 (Hell on Earth)

Once you have finished editing the file, save the changes.

10) Now execute the file KF2server.bat that we edited to start our server for the first time. If it is working correctly, the last line of the window that will open should be something like this: “Log: Steam game server UID:”, followed by a long number:

Now close that window to close the server. We only started the server this first time to create some configuration files that we are going to edit in the next step.

11) Inside the “KF2Server” folder, enter into the “KFGame” folder and then in the “Config” folder.

12) Inside the “Config” folder look for a file called “PCServer-KFGame.ini”. Open it with Notebook or Notebook++ to edit it. Look for a line called “[Engine.AccessControl]” (you can use Notepad’s search option to find it), and edit the lines below called “AdminPassword=” and “GamePassword=”, adding the password that you want to access the administrator options (AdminPassword) and the password that you want for your server (GamePassword). The players who want to join your server have to introduce this last password.

This is one example of the file with the passwords already added:

In the same file, look for a section called “[Engine.GameReplicationInfo]” and edit the lines “ServerName=” and “ShortName=”, adding the name that you want for your server (ServerName) and an abbreviation for it (ShortName).

This is an example of those lines edited:

Once you have finished, save the changes and close the file.

13) In the same “Config” folder look for another file called “KFWeb.ini” and open it with Notebook (or Notebook++) to edit it. Look for a line called “bEnabled=” and make sure it’s followed by “true”:

This option will allow you to access the administrator options of your server through your Internet browser. Save the file and close it.

14) Now it is all set. Every time you want to open your sever you will have to open the KF2server.bat file that we edited before. To join your own server open Steam, your Killing Floor 2 game and in the server browser look in the LAN tab. You should be able to see your server there and join. Once you are inside the server you can invite your friends. Remember to give them the game password you edited in “PCServer-KFGame.ini” file!

Other considerations:

1) Once your server is running, you can access the admin options through your Internet browser in any moment, typing your local IP address followed by “:8080” in the address bar. A web like this will open:

The Username is “admin” by default, and the password is the same that you edited in the line “AdminPassword=” in the file “PCServer-KFGame.ini”. Once you are logged in, you can access all the admin options and change the difficulty, maps, ban players, etc.

2) When there is a new update for the game you also have to update your server. To do that, execute the steamCMD.exe program, type “login anonymous” in the command window, set again the path of installation of the server with the command “force_install_dir”, and type “app_update 232130” (as we did before to install the server for the first time).

I think that is all, thank you for your time and sorry about my horrible English.
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Re: [KF2] How to create a dedicated server in Killing Floor

Postby Cillian » Mon Jun 20, 2016 1:20 pm

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Re: [KF2] How to create a dedicated server in Killing Floor

Postby daywalk3r[RO] » Mon Jun 20, 2016 9:29 pm

Cillian wrote:Looks like an instruction to female orgams...


I knew it!!!
Now i know how to provoc one ;)
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