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(RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

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(RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Mark Slasher » Mon Nov 06, 2017 4:58 pm

Hello there. For thoose of you that dont know me my in game name is Mark Slasher.
Im 22 years old student from Bosnia. Ive played on Hero 3 years ago and 3 months ago I started again.


Let me start off by saying that no person on this planet is perfect, and I belive its not my right to judge people but I also belive if someone crosses the line something should be done about it without hessitation.

Now, Ive to say I dont like and AVOID reporting people but I feel like Ive to say something in the name of all silent people whos game this man is ruining.

The reason Im writing this

First time I played with Drakon was 1 month ago.He joined the game and he started making some jokes. At first I found it funny whenhe started joking about my Slasher nickname(I love relaxed people that enjoy life to the full).
But then he continued talking. And then he talked more, and more and more and MORE!(sorry for so much "more" words but whoever played with Drakon knows Im not exagurating)
So I started to get annoyed. Then I asked him politely to reduce him amount of talking. He continued talking like I didnt exist.
So I asked him a couple of times. Then Aby(member from Saudi Arabia) supported me and thanks to her support we got him to stop talking.

I played with him for the 2nd time and I decided to keep my mouth shut then. Because !settings dont work for me I just turned down my voice receive volume down.

Then on 4th of November 2017 I played with:(just gonna mention people that are important for my argument) Tony, Boo, Drakon........
Drakon entered the game as his usual and started talking without a single break.(HE EVEN TALKS ALONE TO HIMSELF because most of the times so speaks so much without any pauses that others DONT HAVE A CHANCE TO ENTER RHETORICS with him)
So Ive watched the situation naivly without commenting.
What amazed me is that both Tony and Boo somehow got used to Drakons reckless behavior and seem to tolerate him as a child.(they made witty jokes about him, especially in russian)
Now Im not blaming Boo and Tony they are just human beings. I myself know from my confrotation with him how difficult this person is so I understand they dont want to ban every player, but this PERSON has to be STOPED!

Ive read the server rules many times and as far as I know this still applies:

Mic / Chat / Vote spamming.
- Excessive mic, chat and/or vote spamming with the only purpose of trying to ruin the game for other players will result in an immediate permamute or kick.

Vocal, VoteKick and Chat Spamming.
- This is minor spamming. Examples: playing singing or Playing Music over the mic or leaving your channel open so everybody can hear you background sounds. Floodong the Chat-box with Non-Interesting stuff or Excessive Non-game related talking over
the mic will result in a Warning first and a kick or Short-term ban second if the player does not stop.
- This also Includes Excessive Vocalizing enough so that players or admin's get annoyed or bothered by it even if it is on topic, We will grant you a kick and/or Temp Ban With or Without Warning if the player fails to stop when asked by an Admin.

Now besides that Drakon literally NEVER STOPS TALKING, he floods the chat about nonsence that I belive EVEN HE at times doesnt understand.(first time I confronted him he started talking about how everyone uses shotguns and kept on for 10 minutes)

Now Ive talked with several people in game and realized this man is friend of Hero clan, which makes it especially difficult for me because I feel a lot of people will turn against me. But Ive always belived what needs to be done NEEDS TO BE DONE no matter how difficult.


Now, I would like to talk to about !settings.
Many admins know they do not work for me and since today for Majestic too.(maybe many others, I really dont have the information)
Every time this man enters Im forced to turn off my voice receive volume. That hurts my feelings because I like to hear some people talk(like Majestic,Frano35, Necro, Boo, Tony, Daywalker, Aby, Freekymachine...)
But the big question is: How can theese people talk when Drakon not only floods the chat without a single brake?

Second thing is that not every person mutes Drakon so even if !settings work for you and you sucesfully muted him, other person wont hear you talk because Drakon would be flooding his chat with his to be honest incoherant and unconnected sentances.

Other players who got punished for same behavior

Well I know only one(I apologize for my ignorance): Miming(Bon Bon)

Let me start off by saying that this player is extremely disrespectful and rude.
He talks in his awful microphone even though I myself told him it almost hurts my eardrums when Im listening to it and I dont understand a single word.

But Ive read that he got banned many times for his trolling and mic spamming.
Tony even perma-muted him one time and then he unmuted him.

Now I ask myself: Why is this person better than Miming/Bon Bon?
Is it because Drakon used his PERSON to dominate with every single person here and Bon Bon doesnt have that capability?

My opinion: Because Drakon is more difficult a person to deal with.

To be honest, Ive played many times with Miming/Bon Bon and I found it POSSIBLE to play with him(even though I think he deserves punishment)
But I absolutely CAN NOT play with Drakon, EVER and he isnt getting punished?

I belive HERO community should ask themselves what kind of message do they send to entire hero community when Drakon isnt punished(who is in my humble opinion worse than Bon Bon).

His destruction of teamplay and enjoyment of the game

Now Ive consolted with a lot of people(Im not going to name them, I ALONE am posting this complaint) and many find his behavior to be arrogant and many have told me he isnt getting punished because he has support of admins and members.

I know at least 2 people with myself that deliberately avoid Drakon.

NOTE: I DO NOT OWN STEAM, so I dont know many people to be honest and only communicate with people in game.
Most of the times I avoid saying anyone in game and If I dont own steam and dont know many people then my honest guess is that he many more people avoid him deliberately that I myself am not aware of.

Drakons disrespect of admins and his "spoiled child" status on servers

On 4th of November when I played with Drakon last time(thats the time Boo and Tony made witty jokes about him) Ive noticed that Drakon has absolutely no respect of both Boo and Tony(even if they dont see it that way-I will explain).

Some fellow german of Evil Tony was communicating with him in german.
Well since Im pretty good in german I understood everything and (DE)Joker and other german guy were complaining that Drakons is talking like he is almost insane.(thoose were his comments, Im sorry If I am wrong I will apologize for my mistake but I think Im literally quoting what he said)

Tony said you can mute him in !settings and the person responded: "Cant he be muted by admins?"
Tony responded with verbal warning Drakon: "Drakon people are complaining of you talking too much, so maybe you should talk a little less".

Now I waited for one minute and turned on my voice receive volume because I thought he will talk a bit less. BOOM! I swear to God who created me that not only did he stop I had a feeling he talked even more intensivly in a SIGN OF DEFIANCE to Tony.

My humble opinion of Drakon

My humble opinion is that he is a childlish, selfish and rude person who doesnt care about anyone but himself and cares about only satisfying his WILL TO DOMINATE EVERYONE!

If a person:
1. talks non stop
2. doesnt allow anyone to talk EVEN WHEN the LEAD ADMIN(which I know is Tony right after the server owner) warns him
3. Speaks with himself when he gets no response

I see it a sign of wishing to dominate everyone.

False and childlish justification for Drakons behavior

Today I consolted with a lead person in your clan(I think that person will recongnize themselves even though I didnt name them) and that person responded to Drakons behavior like this: "He is a friendly person".

Maybe other nations have different cultures, but in my country(and all of former Yugoslavia) we were taught that if a person speaks non stop and doesnt allow anyone to speak even when youve asked and warned him, that is a sign of DOMINATION, RUDENESS, LACK of BASIC KNOWLAGE OF HUMAN INTERACTIONS, SELFISHNESS and so on...

Drakons behavior becoming "normal"

What I think is a serious problem is that because of all the time he hasnt been punished his behavior has been accepted as "normal".(even though the last 10 000 years of human civilization is saying it isnt)

Feel free to correct me if Im wrong but I belive Drakons hasnt been punished for way too long and has learned to belive its normal for him to do this every time.

Its the same as when a parent doesnt punish a child at all, and their relationship become normal for them even though its disfunctional.
Then when other people come and see the behavior their open their jaws in amazment, but a negative one.

Last words

I would like to apologize for my insanely large topic BUT I DO belive this person is that big of a problem.

The reason I belive that:
1. He repeats his behavior constantly
2. He isnt stopping when you warn him(As Tony clearly did, and Boo also warned him but as a "joke"-even though I know shes was serious and meant it)
4. His reckless and rude behavior has become NORMAL on Hero servers
Mark Slasher
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Ξv!L_tony » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:19 pm

Holy fuck :shock:

That might be the longest post I've ever seen in here :o

Before I start reading it completely I would already like to say welcome to our forum, I'm happy to see you in here and thank you for your report.

It would be nice if we could have a nice, fair and calm discussion in here and I also already invited Drakon. Please let's try to keep the posts more or less short, otherwise I'm sure we will get lost.

I'm aware of the fact that dealing with Drakon can be complicated, but I also want to assure you that I don't want anyone to think that Boo and I are trying to cover Drakon. He is old enough and will take responsibility for his actions. Sure he is a friend of us, but in the end we all want to enjoy the game on our servers.

Furthermore I think it is complicated because there are also people who like when Drakon is fooling around, the FR18 is a server where people should not take the game too serious and simply have fun. It's not easy to find a solution everyone can live with, so let's try to see different points of views and solve this problem together.

... now I will start reading ... which means cu tomorrow :D
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Cillian » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:55 pm

I read it!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry, it was interesting to read your point of view and I could agree with many aspect you mentioned but not with all ofcourse :)

Mark Slasher wrote:My humble opinion is that he is a childlish, selfish and rude person who doesnt care about anyone but himself and cares about only satisfying his WILL TO DOMINATE EVERYONE!

I would summarize it as being "narcissistic", it's the same as being egocentric, but narcissists don't aim to dominate, they have needs they want to satisfy without considering other's needs. But in case of Drakon I can tolerate it most of the times as in person he is a very nice guy and it still is possible to build a dialog with him in person and often on the server too. But on the server he is mostly aiming for fulfilling the lack of attention from probably parents or friends or beloved ones.

I've known Drakon for like 4-5 years and I got used to him being the way he is, I've known people who didn't like playing with him, who could tolerate his waterfall of information but rather negatively and the majority of people who could enjoy Drakon's company. If I have a headache or too tired I ask Drakon to be more silent and he normally fulfills my request unless he gets too excited about smth and needs to tell everyone about it so I don't feel any disrespect from his side towards me.

On the other hand, I can't disagree with you if it's about letting Drakon do whatever he wants, we are friends and I don't take him as a player rather as a friend and you don't punish your friends unless you are a dickhead. So we did let it go too far and I'm sorry you had a terrible experience due to that.

I'm sure we can solve this issue in a friendly way and unfortunatelly Drakon will have to sacrifice some of his fancy monologes to build some nice dialogs with people around as he is a sane person, just a little spoiled.

What I would also like to mention is that Drakon and Bon Bon are not the only mic spammers we have, you mentioned another person who likes dominating voice chat and with whom you can easily survive so I guess it also is the matter of your personal attitude towards this person. By that Im not trying to reduce the importance of the issue you brought up, it was the matter of time someone would openly complain again about him.

So, Drakon, you will have to take in the consideration Mark's wishes for nice dialogs where he can hear everyone including us and you, and maybe take part when he feels like dying (as Mark mentioned the other day :D ).


Offtopic: Mark I thought you were way older by the way you spoke and because of timbre of your voice and now Im considered you got an old soul in a young body as you are way too reasonable for a young man :lol:
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Ξv!L_tony » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:57 pm

Ok, done.

I will answer in paragraphs directly to what Mark wrote.

1. The reason Im writing this
Once again, thank you very much for this very detailed report. I'm always very thankful when players are opening their mouth and report or complain when something is wrong. You can also be sure that I will not turn against you because there is not really a point in which I would disagree with you and I think the way you wrote this report was very mature!

2. !settings
... is not a solution. Many other players already told me that they don't like this option and it still also doesn't solve the problem. I really also have no idea why this command is not working for you and I can't really help you with this because I don't have and want any server access (I also don't think Danny knows an answer to this).

3. Other players who got punished for same behavior
Sure we can compare those 2 players, but for me it is also difficult to call Drakons oral fluency mic spam. He doesn't scream and it's mostly related to the game. The only problem is that it's simply too much.

4. His destruction of teamplay and enjoyment of the game
Kinda off-topic, but I recommend you to get steam or join us on facebook or discord to stay in contact with us. It would be nice to see you beeing more included into our community ;)

5. Drakons disrespect of admins and his "spoiled child" status on servers
I already talked to Drakon before this and that's also why I wrote that it would be good if we could have a calm discussion in here to find a solution. As I said there are also people who enjoy fooling around with Drakon, that's why I think muting him permanently is not a solution. I'm sure we can find other ways, so let's work on it as a team.

6. My humble opinion of Drakon
7. False and childlish justification for Drakons behavior
8. Drakons behavior becoming "normal"
9. Last words

-> Yep ... I guess even Drakon agrees with those points :D

10. Solutions?!
I will wait and see what other people are commenting in here. Drakon already told me I should mute him and it would solve all problems ...
At the same time I contacted Danny and asked if it is possible to have a !votemute command, dunno if this can be an acceptable alternative.

@Drakon: it would be so great of you could put all this energy into forum posts or even "working" for -=HERO=-. Maybe you should also get you blood glucose checked, the amount of chocolate you are eating is making you nuts.

I'd suggest to wait till the next weekend for a final decision.
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Drakon » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:21 pm

Hi Mark. I read your post afer 1 minute after you posted this, while Im writing and structuring this probably theres somebody already post a replies.

About playing.
Yes, I clearly remember when we are played together and you asked about "settings" menu. It was middle of Crane Event - l4d_vs_airport02_offices. I stood on the roof in front of container. Cant say that I dont care about other people or their opinion if I remember this, but from side its better so see. When I saw the new feature - to mute people in settings menu I made a big bet on that option, sometimes Im typing instructions in chat how to mute people. I made a bet that people will use this usefull option, I lost in this roulette. Sorry

About Rules.
Yes, theres rules about it. But its only "Vocal, VoteKick and Chat Spamming." can be applied to my action - I dont have a target to ruin peoples gaming. Im speaking about gaming experience (sniper vs shotgun for example). Or infroming about hunters/smokers/witch/pills/pipe/molo. Yeah, alot, but without bad thoughts. Also controlling and thinking about what I said, what Im saying and what will say. Correcting myself if its getting too far, sometimes its need little more time to that in intense fight. At that moment in Crane Event I reduced myself when you started asking about settings, weeks ago or when settings doesnt work I even tried to help you to deal with it, I remember. But at 4th November I again made a big bet to this option. When somebody wants to say something Im shutting up that causes moments, when me and other man simultaneously starting speaking and then becoming silent to let other man to speak. Sorry again. The difficult with game - delay in voice chat. It has HUGE delay, that sometimes is critical as hell. Ive tested that and it is 1.5 - 2 seconds. Or even maybe 2.5s. This delay making alot of trouble and sometimes making trashcan out of voicechat. (so sometimes need to warn ahead of time BEFORE the moment of warn will appear). I understand serious notes in jokes, including when its about "bothering".

About domination. ...what? Im not allowing myself to insult or, for Gods sake, to "Dominate" people. The only thing I have will to dominate - Tank, because its my old gambling habit that was build very very long time ago. Same for rudeness. Target for rudeness - zombie species and bots. Dominate - in L4D its not even permissible.
Childlish, selfish, rude - I cant argue with this.
I can play seriously with my muzzle, saturated with seriousness if you want, but all know all the maps by heart, all of them was played over a billion times. Seriousness becoming boredom so you just making the same things all the time over and over again. But if its necessary...

I want to apologize to you for my behaviour. I see your point, cant say thats doesnt have a ground. No, its not becoming normal, its just one of styles. No, Im not "not getting punished". As you said you saw I got muted. I also got kicked and other when you didnt saw. But again, If it is so hard, and settings didnt work (I honestly thought that it worked and you muted me at that time). Im apologize that made you feel so uncomfortable without way to take it off, except for killing all the voicechat.
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Mark Slasher » Mon Nov 06, 2017 8:16 pm

Thanks everyone for your replies but I hope for more replies.
I wouldnt respond yet but I choose to do so because of Drakons reply.

Drakon to be honest in the About playing I didnt understand a word you said. Only thing I understood is you remember when we played even though we played togather only 3 times.

Ive to apologize again but you speak and write so incoherant that I will reply to what I understood.

About rules

You mention that there are rules and that they apply to you-still you break them in the worst possible way and dont give a damn about it. I dont remember ever you helping me with the settings but even if you did mentioning it here only serves as a justification for your generaly nasty and selfish behavior.(clearly it doesnt work so you can stop, we played 3 times and I avoided you as much as I could)

About domination

Drakon, domination and disrespect isnt only about not insulting people. Its much more than that.
You CANT play with "muzzle" so dont lie. I CAN PLAY with muzzle even though I speak sometimes. You can play like that only when youre afraid of consequences(which it seems you never suffered in your life since youre behaving so reckless and careless) so I find that reply to be a straightfoward lie.

There is a difference between being serious and mature.
Mature person is someone who can control his emotions, temper and actions according to the given situation.
Serious person is someone who has some kind of a problem that he has to solve so he cant afford to turn on the jolly side.

You say that playing with seriousness is boring. Well this is a game so no one is that serious when they play it.
Everyone that played with me knows that I also joke and have fun many times. Tony is one of the most serious people here yet from what I saw he jokes many times when he feels conformtable with the person.

They way that you behave is like a child that wants something and then continues doing it and nobody wants to punish the child because of its innocence.
I find it hard to belive that a grown man can be treated like this.

I dont think you can stop talking without some serious admin punishment and threat to be honest.

Sorry, but I dont accept your apology. Not because Im proud or cruel but because I see that in your post you absolutely missed the point and dont plan on changing your behavior.
I also think your post is too "nice" and you seem manipulative(maybe Im wrong, thats just my opinion) and I belive with this behavior you suceeded in making others to treat you as a child.
This post seems as a means to manipulate with me as you did with others to turn me on your side and accept your reckless and selfish behavior which it will never happen so stop trying. The only thing you can improve yourself in game(I dont care about your behavior in real life since I dont know you) so I can accept you.

ADDITIONAL: You yourself told us you got kicked, muted many times for this behavior.
So that means you didnt learn your lesson. So other than being a friend of the admins, what makes you different than all thoose guys who got long bans for repeated minor offences?

To Tony: Majestic told me I cant add friends If I dont buy a game on steam, which I dont plan right now. Is that a problem?
Mark Slasher
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Drakon » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:44 pm

The First - Ive said what I thought. Didnt even planned to manipulate or other stuff. If you want to say "you are trying to manipulate. I dont need your apologize", fine then. Its your choise.
The Second - How long do you know me? How do you know what I CAN and what I CANT? Or Im lying because you said so?
the Third - when you know nothing about me you are already blaming that I CANT and Im lying. Is it mature? Is it serious? Is it seriously mature? The one thing that I hate in people after stupidity and bombast its blaming in "LIE" at any convenient opportunity.
the Fourth - "You yourself told us you got kicked, muted many times for this behavior". No, I didnt. I said that - "As you said you saw I got muted. I also got kicked and other when you didnt saw". Mature person, as YOU before making the conclusion and blaming everything in the radius of nuclear explosion would read instead of writing blaming post. I said about that Im not invincible. I didnt said what FOR and how MANY times was that.

("write so incoherant" - I separeted by the options that time if its so difficult. I tried to tell alot in small as possible message.

Edited. Changed Atomic to Nuclear
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I can say only one: "But how about...NO"
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby Nissa » Tue Nov 07, 2017 12:29 am

Well, I suppose all the opinions are useful here so.. I hope that my opinion is useful and this does not become another topic that we wish we had not started..

I already talked to some people about this before, they asked me why I left the server sometimes or why I did not join the server.. I had several reasons, but one of them was because of this. And although there is a problem because I can not be entirely objective in this subject.. guess I can take a chance.

I like to enjoy when I play and a way to get it is seeing others enjoying as well, so I do not usually have problems hearing people laugh in the game or making some comments or jokes, but I like to hear my game too, and.. sometimes.. this is not possible with some people.

Honestly, I do not know if my !settings command works, I think I've never used this option and I think I'll never use it, because I don't like it and because I do not think it is the solution because of several reasons, but I do not want to extend much more this and I already told my reasons to several admins before..

I remember some years ago, when Spanish-speaking people were warned and we had a lot of topics about this because of a much less use. Even I got those consequences years ago, I was seen as a rebel member because I did not understand the rule of English in the year 2013. So.. during years we have had a lot of topics about the use of mic, encouraging people to hold conversations with the help of other programs, but an admin told me that is very uncomfortable because people hear you double (in the program and in the game) and it is true.

So.. I have a suggestion, I have my conversations in Spanish on steam while I play.. and there is not that problem because when you press the key to talk on the mic in-game then people do not hear to you in that voice chat, so.. if I'm not wrong.. there is usually more use of the mic in FR18, so.. starting a voice chat in our steam group would not take much time:


Anyone who is in our group can join and we can encourage from server anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant conversation to join in that talk without problems or maybe yes, those people who do not have steam account but maybe it would be a good reason to create a steam account and join our group Image.
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby TheEndOFInfinity » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:03 am

Thanks to mark for your words, which you have written very detailed and friendly.
it is nice to see that it has remained a normal conversation.
Almost everything was said here which I would also say :)

We have talked about this topic "people who talking alot, or more than alot" a couple of times. This time it is drakon, the last time it was another person.
Unfortunately, we usually come to no solution of the problem.

For me, this is how I solved it: I respect every human being as he is. everyone has their characteristics. as long as they are not malicious, I accept them as they are. and if someone is in the game who talks too much for me at this time (but others enjoing it), then I'll go out of the game earlier, that does not matter for me, i also like to read a good book at this time :) and i know, i can enjoy the game next time with you all again.
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Re: (RU)Drakon-please be patient and read everything

Postby hunk.dso » Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:56 am

The problem is when one player go play only for talk and not for play, i hope u understand me what i mean :D. Drakon bro, u don´t know stay in silence one minute :D and the most of time you don´t talk about game things. Im sure if u have ur mic broken, u can´t spend more of 15minutes playing. But let´s dont focus on him too, we all know who players spam the mic and some of them are the same than years ago! Sometimes i dont know if im playing to one game or if im in Tomorrowland´s festival bc the mic spam is really annoying. I know players that don´t play/ don´t join because that...and it´s a problem! ;) I know i can mute people but sometimes make me shy do it because i dont want that people think bad about me or think im let´s try search a solution :)
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