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Admin abuse

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 28, 2018 10:55 pm

today I was abused by admin Ninja Santa.
He rather decicded to spawn 2 tanks on us insted of trying to create a smooth gameplay. Said I was rushing and didn't care to tell the players who were taking ages behind to start finally moving. After he freezed me, he kicked me cause i told him not to abuse.

It's kinda sad, cause I used to have a lot of fun in the past years and your server was the only one to make me play Left 4 Dead from time to time. Seems like this time is now over, since it's the only active server.

I'm not interested in an apologise or anything else. I just wanted to let you know so players who still play there can have a better experience then me.

Re: Admin abuse

Postby Ninja Santa » Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:08 am

Don't make me laugh. I warned you, you ignore me. I'm assuming you are either Jordan or dum whatever or ibero. I said stop rushing you ignore, Teo warned you a lot, you ignore her. Regular players warned you, like Raider. You think that's admin abuse you are sadly mistaken. You ignore admins for one and you said everything teo did was admin abuse now me? Lol. I asked nicely you guys infront don't want to listen, instead you kept going ahead when majority of the team was in the back and at the safe room. And why are you hiding behind guest, hm?

You could have had a much harder punishment than a tank ;)

If you cannot listen to admins, please feel free to to play elsewhere. We have rules for a reason, this isn't single player where you can do whatever you want.
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Re: Admin abuse

Postby Ξv!L_tony » Thu Mar 01, 2018 8:06 am

Dear Guest,

thanks for your report, but unfortunately you didn't provide us your name, any proof (screenshots for example) and further information which makes your claims very unreliable.

If a stranger comes to your boss and tells him that he is a customer and saw that you are doing your job wrong, your boss would also hardly believe this customer.
Or if I contact your parents and tell them that I know you from the internet and saw you mobbing or stalking other people on the internet, I don't think anything would happen.

From what I read in here you got asked not to rush and our admins used their rights to stop you. Our server rules clearly say "Rushing for no reason at all which has a negative impact on the team result will usually lead to a kick and/or a short-term ban." So I wonder why not just being patient with other players and wait for them or even move back to support them?!

Anyways, without any information, this report leads to nothing, sorry.
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Re: Admin abuse

Postby teosimint » Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:59 am

Hi Guest,

Not showing your name is cawardice first, you complain about admin abuse, about this server not being funny anymore, well people like you ruin the game and the fun. The rules if you would be so kind at least to read them said clear dont rush and play like a team, so from my point of view you just made a raport to inform us what mistakes you did. To make it clear for you while we were fighting with horde, specials, you were rushing. Even if is nothing in front you have to remember that this game is for everybody and you have to adapt that means that you have to wait, help, the basic stuffs. So if you want a good and funny game just adapt the rules!
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